• What’s a “home inventory” and the reason you should make one NOW…

    Very few people actually spend the time and effort to create what is known as a “home inventory,” but it could make all the difference if something catastrophic happened to your home.

    We know it’s a tough and emotional subject to think about. What would happen if something devastating happened to my home and all of its contents disappeared? Of course as long as your family, your pets, and yourself are okay after a home disaster, then that’s what matters. But the rest of your life is in your house. Your clothes, your memories, your knick-nacks. It’s arguable that your entire life is wrapped up in your home, besides your actual life and your family.

    So what happens if something took that all away? Do you have a list of every single item in your house that would require replacement? Do you have its value too?

    A home inventory is an exhaustive list of all of your belongings and their replacement value. Speak to someone who has lost their home in a fire or other catastrophe and they will tell you how tough it is dealing with insurance to replace all of your things. All of the back-and-forths, coming up with a list from memory, trying to wrack your brain and scour the web for replacement values. Having to incur the stress of replacing your belongings is almost another tragedy on top actually losing them.

    Here are the steps to making sure you have a proper home inventory.


    Keep one giant list of all of your belongings. Each item’s line entry should include manufacturer and value. If possible, include the date you bought the item.


    Take photos and videos every so often of all of your belongings and your home inside and out. Don’t forget to take photos of the insides of drawers and cabinets and closets, as many important items are stored out of sight.


    IMPORTANT!!! – Store two types of copies of your inventory: 1. A physical copy should be kept off site, perhaps at a storage unit or relative’s house. 2. A digital copy should be stored in the cloud, perhaps make a Google Sheets spreadsheet version of your list.


    Take this list once completed to your homeowners insurance representative. They can help make sure that your items are for sure covered in the unfortunate case of a loss. If something on the list is somehow not covered under your current policy, the representative can discuss methods to add coverage.


    From time to time, revisit the list. Add newly obtained items as well as remove old items you no longer have, such as furniture you’ve sold, Decor you’ve replaced, etc.

    Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to get your ducks in a row with a whole home Inventory. Take the time now to gather the family and maybe make the process a team effort. Hopefully you’ll never ever ever have to rely on the existence of your home inventory document, but in case you do, you’ll be glad that you took the time to make it.

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