• Must-Have Tech for a Safer Home – Tips from Tropical Home Watch Services

    Even just 10 years ago, having a surveillance system or other security technology seemed to be far fetched...... unless you were Tom Cruise.

    Nowadays, technology has come SO far SO fast that there are extremely robust and useful pieces of tech that you as a consumer can set up in or around your home easily and affordably. The list below covers some of the basic pieces of technology that you can get to start taking control of your home's safety and security.

    Note: This article presumes you already have the basic security features we discuss in our post here and is more about covering the topic of "smart" home tech.

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using a Nest THERMOSTAT

    1. Nest Thermostat

    A Nest Thermostat is a MUST for frequent travelers or out-of-towners. It allows you full control of your AC system while you’re anywhere in the world! Florida is known to have some of the MOST indecisive weather ever. One day it’s freezing out, and the next day you can head to the beach in the 80 degree sunshine. Take control of your AC/Heat if you’re out of town so that you know it’s set to the right temp for whatever Florida weather decides to do next.

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using a Nest Protect CO2 + Smoke Monitor

    2. Nest Protect CO2 + Smoke Monitor

    Whether you’re at home or away, being able to monitor your home for dangerous levels of smoke or gasses like CO2 and get alerts on your phone is amazing and convenient! This is a must even for non traveling animal lovers. If Fido is at home alone and the smoke alarm goes off, you’re alerted immediately and the authorities can be dispatched to go save your home and your pupper! Win-win.

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using a Yale Nest Deadbolt Lock

    3. Yale × Nest Door Deadbolt Lock

    This is a FAVORITE amongst techy travelers and vacationers worldwide. This Yale Door Lock allows you to not only remotely control all of your door locks from wherever you are, but you can also assign, disable, and change key codes as you please. This is extremely helpful for example if you need to let a friend or family member inside your home when you’re miles away, but don’t want them to be able to get in after that. Simply assign them a code, they use it to get in (which you can see in the app), and then you can disable it. Viola!

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using the Nest Hello Doorbell Camera

    4. Nest Hello Doorbell Camera

    Doorbell cameras have become quite popular over the past year or so. If you’re on social media, you probably see videos from doorbell cameras all the time, whether it’s a nerve-wracking clip showing a prospective burglar creeping and trying to find a hidden key on the front porch, or whether it’s an entertaining clip of someone slipping and falling on an ice patch leaving their house and sliding on their butt all the way down to the road. Doorbell cameras are all the rage and for good reason. They’re not only a great deterrent for porch pirates (package thieves!) but also a good record keeper in case something does happen in its view. Ring is another popular brand, but we prefer the Nest Hello due to its resolution, ease of use, less obtrusive appearance, and seamless integration with a gazillion other Nest items in one useful phone app.

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using the Nest Outdoor Cam

    5. Nest Outdoor Cam

    You no longer have to spend $5K to get a camera system for your home. Just 5 years ago, the world of home security cameras was still an expensive and complicated mess. Nowadays, Nest and other companies provide an easy solution that is also super affordable. We love the Nest cameras due to how one app controls all of your Nest tech. Plus the resolution is great and features like familiar vs unfamiliar faces, mapped zones, and custom motion vs people notifications make it the BEST option for the price. One thing to note is that there are 2 outdoor Nest cameras, THIS CHEAPER OPTION has a magnetic base and the cord comes out of the bottom. THIS OTHER OPTION (2PK), called the IQ is the version we prefer. The IQ is a bit more robust in our opinion and more difficult to tamper with physically since the cord is hidden and does not use a magnetic base, but is a bit more expensive.

    Of course no tech in the world can replace a good set of eyes and ears of home watch professional at Tropical Home Watch Services. Nothing compares to having a real live person to take care of your home while you're away and be your peace of mind. There are simply some things that only a real human can do, and cannot be done by a piece of technology... yet. (queue Terminator theme music).

    The only way to truly know that your home is going to be okay while you're away is to team up with a company like Tropical Home Watch Services who will treat your home as if it's their own until you return. We do this for a living! Your peace of mind matters to us, truly. We promise you'll be happy you chose The Tropical Touch™.

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    Tammy + Mike Hilliard

    Mike and Tammy are 30 year full-time residents of Sarasota County and the professional team behind Tropical Home Watch Services. This duo of successful business- and homeowners guarantees you and your home will be well taken care of when you’re away.