How It Works

How It Works


When the Tropical Home Watch Specialist arrives at your home, he or she will scan a special code on your house to begin the visit.


The specialist reviews the customized checklist for your home that comes up after scanning your home and gets busy with the visit.


As the specialist thoroughly completes the steps on the checklist, he or she marks items as completed, takes photos, and notes any issues.


After review we will email the checklist to you with the status of the home and a highlighted list of any issues or concerns.


Review your home's status and checklist and have peace of mind your home is in good hands while you're away.


If the specialist noticed any issues during the visit, they will contact you right away to be able to get a solution in motion.

Note: If you do not have access to email/web, we would be happy to update you via text message or mail.

The easy-to-use home watch app/software records the GPS location of the specialist when they're performing each visit to your home. This way, when you log in to review the visit, you know for SURE that the Tropical HWS specialist was at your home.


Why do I need a home watch service?

Things happen. Whether you’re a seasonal resident, or simply on an extended holiday, break-ins can happen, water leaks can happen, a bird flying through your window can happen. With our early detection, we can save you from a lot of stress and worry when it comes to leaving your home.

We pride ourselves on giving you, the client, complete confidence that your home is in safe hands with one of our insured and professional home watch specialists.

I have an alarm system, do I still need Home Watch services?

Absolutely! Alarm monitoring services only pay your property a visit if your alarm is triggered. Tropical Home Watch Services is here to make sure there are no signs of intruders, no windows broken, shed or garage disturbances, car break-ins and on top of that, no water leaks, electrical problems or other emergency issues. It’s ideal to prevent a problem and easy to do so with professional home watch service from Tropical HWS!

How is a crisis handled?

If or when a crisis occurs, you’ll be glad it isn’t your neighbor watching over your home.

A crisis is handled on the spot. Many homeowners can’t be reached immediately and the situation cannot wait, which is why we’ll sit down with you and discuss pre-approval for certain emergency expenditures.

This allows us to act immediately, saving further destruction of your home.

This top-notch service, along with our professionalism, separates us from your neighbor.

Can you provide referral services if we need work done while we're away?

Absolutely we can. We have a large resource of local quality contractors that we’ve worked with and can recommend as trustworthy, reliable and affordable. We’ll be your eyes, ears, and go-to for your home admin; however you’ll still call the shots.

How will I see the completed visit report?

We use advanced technology specifically designed for the Home Watch industry. This allows us to login, digitally complete our checklist, store photos, and it also log our GPS position and time. Our fully electronic checklist process generates custom reports and sends an email to you when your home’s report is ready to view!

There are other Home Watch companies, why should I choose Tropical HWS?

Not all home watch service providers are created equal. Here’s why your home is in better hand with us: Your home is just as important to us as our home, plain and simple. We ensure all of our client homes get The Tropical Touch℠, which is the meticulous attention to detail that only Tropical Home Watch Service can provide. We catch what other home watch services wouldn’t.

The fact that we have had MANY clients come to us after poor experiences with other companies shows us that we’re doing what’s best for you and your home. The old saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s absolutely true.

If you care about your home, don’t trust it to anyone else.