• Going Out of Town? Here are 5 Helpful Tips for a More Secure Home!

    As a homeowner, you know that keeping your home secure while you're out of town is extremely important.

    Believe it or not, it's easy to overlook the basics when you're busy getting everything ready for a lengthy trip out of town.

    This is why we put together this quick list of actionable tips to make sure you didn't forget about something before you head out of town on your adventure!

    Tropical Home Watch Service recommends using deadbolt locks

    1. Deadbolt Locks

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but some homeowners still trust standard locks on their outside doors. (Say what!) It only takes a forceful kick to take down a door with only a standard twist door lock. All external doors should have deadbolt locks to ensure maximum protection from kick-ins and breakdowns!

    Tropical Home Watch Services believes an alarm system is an important part of having a secure home.

    2. Alarm System

    Besides having a dog, an alarm is definitely one of the top deterrents to intruders. It’s unlikely a burglar will stick around if a super loud alarm goes off to alert neighbors and auto-calls the police! BONUS POINTS if you have a surveillance system… Even a simple camera could deter a would-be burglar. Plus, cameras are now widely available and affordable to the average joe. Check out our post about this here!


    3. Keep Bushes Trimmed

    As simple as it sounds, burglars actually like to conceal themselves in overgrown hedges and shrubs before entering a home. Untrimmed overgrown hedges are a perfect hiding spot for a would-be trespasser, make sure to maintain your landscape so that you don’t even give them the opportunity.

    4. No Open Spare Keys

    Leaving access to a key under a mat, fake rock, or plant has become risky. Online, you can find tons of surveillance videos of prospective intruders coming to a home’s front door, checking under all the mats and plants in order to find a spare key. It’s just not smart to leave a spare key anymore! Luckily there are safer solutions. A more secure alternative includes a lockbox mounted on the side of your house. Only provide the code to trusted people. An affordable option like this lockbox that mounts to the side of your house works great.

    5. Make Home Look Occupied

    You may think this is the oldest trick in the book, but it has become a bit more complicated!! Prospective burglars are now studying houses and will secretly observe how often you come and go. Leaving a light on a timer just isn’t going to work anymore, sorry! You need it to not only look lived in and occupied, but also active. This is where a company like Tropical HWS will come in. Having a team member (without any identifying signage on the car!) will periodically stop by your home. Regular drop ins to your house will deter many opportunistic bad-guys!

    The fact is, bad guys/gals are brazen as ever nowadays. The only way to truly know that your home is going to be okay while you're away is to team up with a company like Tropical Home Watch Services who will treat your home as if it's their own until you return. We do this for a living! Your peace of mind matters to us, truly. We promise you'll be happy you chose The Tropical Touch™.

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    Tammy + Mike Hilliard

    Mike and Tammy are 30 year full-time residents of Sarasota County and the professional team behind Tropical Home Watch Services. This duo of successful business- and homeowners guarantees you and your home will be well taken care of when you’re away.