• 7 Simple Ways to Save on Your Utility Bills – Tips from Tropical Home Watch Services

    Sometimes even the smallest or simplest change can make the biggest difference; even when it comes to saving on your energy and water bills! If you already follow these 7 suggestions below, then great! If not, give them a try and then watch your utility bill improve over time. Many of these can become part of your arrangement with Tropical Home Watch Services.

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    1. Swimming Pool

    If you’re one of cool the pool-having folk, then you will appreciate this tip! It’s always important to limit the amount of time that you run your pool pump. Running it for only up to 6 hours a day during the Summer is what Tropical Home Watch Service recommends.

    Tropical Home Watch Services recommends using a Nest THERMOSTAT

    2. Home Cooling

    Make sure you never run your AC thermostat on the “ON” setting and instead always use the “AUTO” setting. Choosing to cool your home at 78 degrees while you’re there is a good option, but if you’re away, switching it to 82 or similar will allow a more efficient use of energy.

    Tropical Home Watch Services - Bath - Water Heater Settings

    3. Water Heater

    Reducing your water heater temperature to 120 from 140 degrees is the U.S. Department of Energy’s suggested temperature setting. You probably won’t even notice the difference when you’re heating up your water!

    Tropical Home Watch Services - Change AC Filter Regularly

    4. AC Filter

    Regularly cleaning or replacing your AC filter will help your AC unit run more efficiently and help trim some fat from your energy bill cost.

    Tropical Home Watch Services - Turn off ceiling fans

    5. Ceiling Fans

    Make sure you’re turning off your ceiling fan before you leave a room. This minor adjustment to your routine will result in reduced energy cost.

    Tropical Home Watch Services - Buy Efficient Showerheads

    6. Showerheads

    This one is easy to overlook! Sometimes you don’t realize how inefficient an old showerhead disperses water! Showerhead design has improved dramatically over the past few years. Check out a great potential replacement here.

    Tropical Home Watch Service Recommends - Changing dryer lint after each load.

    7. Lint Catch

    Ensuring that you clean your dryer’s lint catch filter before each load to not only dry your clothes faster but also reduce energy consumption.

    We hope you found these tips useful! Hopefully when you implement these simple changes, you will notice a reduction in energy and water usage on your utility bills! In addition, Tropical Home Watch Services can provide these services and more, which will continue to ensure your home operates efficiently even in your absence!

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